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William B. Jones Jr., CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED: A CULTURAL HISTORY, SECOND EDITION (McFarland, 2011), 978-0-7864-3840-2.

A significant expansion of the critically acclaimed first edition, CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED: A CULTURAL HISTORY, SECOND EDITION, carries the story of the Kanter family's series of comics-style adaptations of literary masterpieces from 1941 into the 21st century. This book features additional material on the 70-year history of CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED and the careers and contributions of such artists as Alex A. Blum, Lou Cameron, George Evans, Henry C. Kiefer, Gray Morrow, Rudolph Palais, and Louis Zansky. New chapters cover the recent Jack Lake and Papercutz revivals of the series, the evolution of CLASSICS collecting, and the unsung role of William Kanter in advancing the fortunes of his father Albert's worldwide enterprise. Enhancing the lively account of the growth of "the World's Finest Juvenile Publication" are new interviews and correspondence with editor Helene Lecar, publicist Eleanor Lidofsky, artist Mort Kunstler, and the founder's grandson John "Buzz" Kanter. Detailed appendices provide artist attributions, issue contents and, for the principal CLASSICS ILLUSTRATED-related series, a listing of each printing identified by month, year, and highest reorder number. New U.S., Canadian and British series have been added. More than 300 illustrations--most of them new to this edition--include photographs of artists and production staff, comic-book covers and interiors, and a substantial number of hitherto unpublished original cover paintings and interior line drawings.

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